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Privacy policy

Dermacos may periodically use the information we gathered to get in touch with you regarding our services, our client’s services, or those of other third parties. We never sell or disclose your personally identifiable information to unsolicited third parties or mass marketers. We do, however, reserve the right to give your personally identifiable information and other information to our business successors and buyers of site assets if the need arises. In some circumstances, we might gather non-personal information. This information could include, for instance, the kind of computer operating system, application software, and peripherals you are using, the kind of internet browser you are using, and the domain name of the page that directed you to our website

We gather and examine usage data regarding the activities of our users as well as demographic profiles in an effort to continuously enhance the services and products we provide. Based on your most recent activity on our site and your choices, we use the information we collect to provide you with the best services. This improves the selection of services that are shown on your window. For marketing, promotional, and/or other reasons, we might give non-personal information to such parties. We firmly believe in protecting your privacy and will do all within our power to stop illegal access, keep data accurate, and make sure it is used appropriately. To assist protect and secure the data we gather online, we have implemented administrative, electronic, and physical security measures. Your use of the site indicates that you accept this risk. However, because of the inherent open nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and us or information stored on the site or our servers will be completely free from unauthorized access by third parties, such as hackers. You can reach us at info@dermacosdc.com if you have any concerns concerning our privacy statement, our practices, or your interactions with our website.

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